This is a given. Respect others, stay active, and no advertising.
Please, no profanity. Mild language is acceptable, just don't curse people out.
Multiple identities is not acceptable. You will be suspended if caught.
If you wish to quit Frost Farm, please leave a note on the message board or e-mail Julie.

All members start off with $100,000.
You must keep finiacial records. They can be requested by the FF Government at any time.
Checks must be made as follows:

You must be an active member with healthy horses to run an establishment.
You can open an establishment at any time.
To send an establishment for approval, e-mail or PM the Establishment Manager the following form:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Establishment Name:
Establishment URL:

No horse should have the same name or the name of a famous real life horse.
New members may only create 2 horses. The rest should be bought/adopted.
Unless you have a stable, you may only own up to 15 horses.
All horses must be registered in the Main Registry.
Horses must always be stabled somewhere.
Horses must go to the vet once a sim year and the farrier once every real month.
This is a horse sim only, no dogs, cats, etc.
1 sim year = 4 real months. Horses must be aged on the first of January, May, and September.
All horses retire when they turn 25.

Stallions cannot breed until three, mares cannot breed until four.
Mares may not breed while racing, but stallions can.
Mares may only have one foal per sim year.
Gestation period for mares is one real week.
Twins are not permitted in Frost Farm.

You must have your horse professionally trained to show in Frost Farm.
To have your horses trained, go to the message board.
Horses may compete in 2 primary disciplines and 4 secondary disciplines.

Do not overshow. Be sure to follow individual rules for each show.
Race horses may not show, show horses may not race.
Horses may only be raced once a real week.

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