F R O S T F A R M 2


Welcome to the University here in Frost Farm. This is where you take courses to become a trainer to train your own horses and other people's. Also, there is a list of trainers if you don't feel like trying a course yet. All courses are free!!

Taking a course
All courses are judged by Christine. You may only take a certain course every two weeks. So lets say you take the Dressage course, to become a Dressage trainer, and you don't get as high a score as you wanted. Then you have to wait two real weeks before you take it again.
Depending on how high you score, you may only train your horses to that level. If you want to train them in a higher level, you must either hire a different trainer for them, or try the course again.
You may take as many different courses as you like.

Graduates from FFU
Christine - all courses cleared for all levels
CJ - Dressage up to Intermediare II level
Kristy - Barrel Racing all levels cleared
Barngal - Flat Racing All Levels.
Barngal - Dressage All Levels.
Barngal - Show Jumping All Levels.
Barngal - Barrel Racing All Levels.
Latisha - Flat Racing Up To G2.
Katie R - Dressage All Levels.
Katie R - Show Jumping Advanced Level.

The Courses
Eventing Course
Dressage Course
Show Jumping Course
Racing Course
Barrel Racing Course
Driving Course
Cutting Course
Reining Course
Saddleseat Course
Team Roping Course
Polo Course
Hunter Course
-more courses coming-

>***This is part of an equine SIM(ulated) game called Frost Farm II***

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